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We are Up-to-Date

Technologies are changing day to day. The good news is, we are ready to adapt so we are able to ensure the most recent standards.

Feel the power of cutting-edge technologies.

Game Development
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Epic Games & Unreal Engine Logo

Multi-Platform Development

With arrival of Nanite and other useful systems, Unreal Engine 5 became the No1 choice for AAA Game Development

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Mobile-First Development

Unity is fully usable for any Game Development, however the real power lies in Mobile Game Development

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3D Graphics & Animation

If you say 3D, then we say Blender... for sure

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Motion Capture

We produce
Games to enlarge your collection

Wide range of long term engaging games of various genre on various platforms, e.g. Desktop, Console, Mobile and even Tabletop.

Console - Playing NHL (maybe)
Desktop - Playing in VR
Tabletop - Playing Boardgame
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Works Label
Our Projects

We are currently working on multiple projects. More coming soon.

Looking for

Some of our projects requires funds! Are you interested in taking part in the development of our ongoing projects by funding it?

Contact us on

We will tell you more!

Avatar - Ing. Adrián Nagy
Ing. Adrián Nagy
Founder & CEO

First and foremost, I am a gamer. Ever since I was a little kid, video games has been my passion. In Dragon Arts we always strive to stay true to our convictions and come up with creative ideas, which could potentially make a wide range of gamers happy.

Creating entertainment for others is our calling.